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mirror finished
circle blade
circle blade

New Mirror Finished Circular Knives




Less deposit on the sides!


To get the best quality we made small alterations with some knives:

The thicker part is 0,3 and the thinner part with these are 0,2


This will benefit and assure you as a customer that the knives are less fragile and less likely to break.

New Ceramic Segmented Suction Drum




  • Almost no wear
  • 3 to 4 times longer running time
  • Able to change the knives yourself by flipping them to the other side
  • 4 usable sides on 1 knife!
  • Total 6,5 kg, competitor 12,5 kg
  • Less wear on your machine due to the lightness of the drum
  • 2 to 3 times cheaper in 1 life time compared to competition, ask us for an explanation!
  • Now € 6000,- for “first use” customers